New York-based Swoon, a zero-sugar beverage brand, announced the launch of its newest campaign, Bestie.

Inspired by besties everywhere, the campaign aims to celebrate Swoon's loyal fans and the brand's ability to love consumers back with delicious, naturally sweetened, zero-sugar offerings — keeping their best interests at heart.

Co-Founders and Co-Chief Executive Officers, Cristina Ros Blankfein and Jen Ross, were friends well before creating Swoon in 2019. Since then, it's been their mission to create zero-sugar beverages as beneficial for consumers as they are beloved by them.

“This campaign concept is core to who we are. Swoon came to exist because Jen and I believed there should be a zero-sugar drink option with natural sweeteners that consumers could feel good about enjoying,” Ros Blankfein said in a statement. “It’s a beverage you can love that loves you right back.” 

Ross added: “The Swoon line offers incredible flavor and better-for-you options. Our consumers know sugar isn’t their friend, so we’re thrilled to launch this campaign introducing them to a product that has their back — like a true bestie should.”

Activating across various consumer channels including digital, social, out-of-home, podcasts, retail and experiential, the national campaign will introduce fans to a slew of celebrity and influencer besties, such as mother-daughter bestie duo and reality stars, Melissa and Antonia Gorga, as well as engaging in-market activations that will bring the Swoon brand to life. 

Along with the campaign, Swoon also is releasing refreshed packaging designs and product formulations. The evolved look, created in partnership with Paula Grant and her Suite 9C team, clearly communicates the product taste profiles and benefits in a bright, approachable way and now is distributed in more sustainable, printed cans that are 100% recyclable, transitioning away from printed sleeves, the company says. Inspired by consumer feedback, Swoon’s taste is smoother and better than ever while continuing to boast a naturally sweetened formula with zero sugar, 5 calories and vitamin C, it adds.

“Our incredible consumers love so many things about the Swoon brand. But most importantly, they know that we are creating beverages that provide fantastic taste with uncomplicated ingredients,” said Sarah Gustat, chief marketing officer at Swoon, in a statement. “With 98% of our surveyed consumers reporting they prefer our sleeker, more sustainable packaging and 93% favoring the new formulation, we know we’ve hit the mark. Our team looks forward to seeking out continued opportunities to provide an unparalleled drink option to the marketplace.”

The new campaign, refreshed packaging design and formulation will roll out nationwide this month with the new printed cans hitting shelves now through summer 2024, the company notes. Swoon is available for purchase on Amazon and at most major grocery retailers nationwide.