Fireball, a brand of Sazerac Co., Louisville, Ky., is set to gallop into this year's classic horse racing events with bespoke, fiery hats dubbed “Hot Lids,” bringing a dash of cinnamon spice to the typical race day experience.

For decades, spring’s most famous horse racing events have been synonymous with mint juleps, but this year Fireball is flipping the script, it says. For the first time, Fireball fans can purchase a Hot Lid Hat exclusively engineered to not only match the traditional race attire, but also secretly stash their favorite fiery spirit inside, it adds.

The announcement coincides with the relaunch of Fireball’s Small Batch Dragon Reserve, aka Fireball Cinnamon Whisky rested in premium charred oak for a whisky-shooting experience that tastes eerily similar to classic Fireball, the company notes.

Two unique Hot Lid Hat styles are available for consumers to pick from, as follows:

An oversized large top-hat style boasting bold red, gold and black colors inspired by Small Batch Dragon Reserve’s bottle design, gigantic feathers, exotic flowers and custom ribbon. This style also is big enough to hold an entire 750-ml bottle of Fireball Small Batch Dragon Reserve, if someone was so inclined, the company says. 

A more “traditional” and ornate style featuring fancy embellishments including unique florals, elaborate plumage, and elegant bows in the classic Fireball shade of red. This style offers secret compartments to discreetly hold multiple Fireball 50-ml shooters, it notes.

“Fireball thrives by injecting fun where it has otherwise been missing, and famed events like a certain iconic upcoming horse race provide the perfect opportunity to bring that spirit to life,” said Danny Suich, global brand director for Fireball, in a statement. “For 149 years (give or take), people have worn the same outrageous hats and drank the same boring drinks — until now. With Hot Lids, Fireball lovers can embrace their rebellious side by setting fire to old traditions and enjoying their favorite cinnamon whisky at the track or at watch parties across the country.”

Fireball’s vibrant, red Hot Lids are available for purchase at for $24.99 each — the suggested retail price of a bottle of Small Batch Dragon Reserve, the company notes.