Stella Artois, a brand of Leuven, Belgium-based Anheuser-Busch InBev, introduced Joie de Bière, a new campaign that urges consumers not to let life and all its modern distractions get in the way of savoring the moments that matter. Launching in 19 markets around the world, Joie de Bière will be Stella Artois’ largest marketing effort to date, the company says.

In a world where people feel like they have less time than ever to slow down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures, Stella Artois believes that the joy of savoring a great beer with friends is a step taken toward a life well lived, it adds.

At the center of this campaign, Stella Artois has created a new fictitious home for the brand known as Le Village, a modern village with old world European charm where nothing gets in the way of enjoying life, or a Stella Artois, according to the company. Le Village is the idyllic manifestation of Stella Artois’ hometown of Leuven, Belgium, where the brand has had a 600-year heritage of living the “Joie de Bière” lifestyle, it notes.

“The name ‘Joie de Bière’ is of course a play on the well-known European sentiment of ‘joie de vivre.’ Our goal for the campaign is to remind people not to let life get in the way of enjoying what really matters — and for us, that means taking time to sit back and savor a Stella Artois,” said Harry Lewis, vice president of Stella Artois, in a statement. “Le Village is a place where people can take a mental escape to imagine what life would be like if you set aside modern distractions, and we’re excited to bring this concept to life as we set out on our mission to bring more joie to the world.”

The Stella Artois Joie de Bière campaign will launched April 16, with the debut of a TV spot that reflects the brand’s largest TV buy to date, according to the company. Titled “Les Pockets,” the 30 second ad illustrates how much more enjoyable life can be when you take a moment to remove life’s modern-day distractions and savor a Stella Artois. Set in Le Village, “Les Pockets” tells the tongue-in-cheek story of how the townspeople uncovered an incredible invention that helps people stow their phones away and enjoy life distraction free: the pocket. To view, visit: Mother is the lead creative agency for the campaign.

Following the launch of the TV advertisement, Stella Artois will continue to spread joie to consumers around the country with the following events and social activations inspired by Le Village:

  • Experience what it’s like to step inside Le Village: Consumers can savor the moment at top food festivals, including Food & Wine’s Best New Chef events in Pebble Beach, Fla., and Austin, Texas, and The Infatuation’s annual EEEEEATSCON in New York and Los Angeles, where the brand will invite guests to enjoy Stella Artois at Le Village inspired pop-up bars.
  • Bringing a piece of joie to people everywhere: Stella Artois will look for consumers who take to social media to express their frustrations around every day occurrences like sweltering heat, long commutes, or a tough day at the office. The brand will then surprise them with complimentary Drizly codes (where legal) to purchase Stella Artois and Stella Artois Cidre.
  • Encouraging people to take time to enjoy: Stella Artois will introduce “Don’t Rush Hour” to help people take more time to savor by offering an extra hour of happy hour specials every Monday at select bars across the country.
  • Taking time to fly away with Stella Artois: Consumers also will have the chance to win a VIP trip to get away and experience Le Village at the San Diego Wine & Food Festival, available for entry by using a unique Snapchat code located on signage in on and off-premise accounts.

Joie de Bière also will come to life across the brand’s digital channels and through interactive advertising that encourages people to stop and savor the moment even when they’re on the go.

  • Putting the social back in social networking: The brand will continue to emulate the Joie de Bière mentality with engaging digital vignettes that encourage consumers to put down their phones at the next party to better enjoy moments with friends, family and Stella Artois.
  • Inspiring people to live by the Le Village mantra: In online pop-up ads, Stella Artois will ask people to “don’t click on this banner ad,” challenging consumers to rethink how much time they’re spending online and take more time to Joie de Bière. The brand also will use out of home billboards that are custom built with real flowers to inspire people to “stop and smell the beer.”