Jim Beam invites drinkers to “Crack Open the Cooler Side of Flavor,” with the addition of four new varietals to its lineup of ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages: Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers. 

Made in partnership with The Boston Beer Co., the malt-based Kentucky Coolers are crafted in the spirit of the Jim Beam legacy, which aims to spark connection and bring people together over a delicious beverage, the company says.

With four new flavors, Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers will build on the success of its lemonade varieties, introducing Blueberry Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade, as well as put its own southern spin on a beloved east coast cocktail, “the crush,” debuting Orange Crush and Peach Crush.

For maximum convenience and “shareability,” Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers’ four new flavors are making their way to shelves nationwide in an all-new 12-count variety pack comprised of 12-ounce cans. 

The pack contains the following four flavors:

•    Orange Crush – Bright, citrusy notes of orange complemented by a hint of sweetness and taste of bourbon.

•    Peach Crush – Sweet and tangy, just like biting into a fresh peach, complementing the bourbon tasting notes.

•    Blueberry Lemonade – Crisp, light flavors of lemon meet the taste of muddled blueberries and bourbon.

•    Strawberry Lemonade – Tart and fruity; the epitome of sunny-day sipping and balance to the bourbon tasting notes.

“Jim Beam is an iconic brand that at its core is about the power of human connection, going back to the front porch of the Beam family home where everyone was welcome,” said Veronique Mura, Jim Beam global brand vice president, in a statement. “We know firsthand how a carefully crafted beverage can complement life’s most cherished moments and that is captured in every can of Kentucky Coolers cracked open with the ones we love. We are proud to continue to innovate this iconic brand and introduce more unique flavors for people to connect over and share.” 

Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers are 5% ABV and 120 calories in each serving with a suggested retail price of $15.99 for a 12-can variety pack.