HFactor announced a complete redesign of its packaging. To upgrade functionality, HFactor now features a twist-off spout. In addition, the new look and feel includes an enhanced hour-glass structure, along with a revamped modern aesthetic, the company says. The new spout replaces the brand’s “rip-and-sip” top and has undergone multiple rounds of research and development to ensure its composite of specially formulated materials retains HFactor’s hydrogen levels, it adds. The pouch has retained its signature aquatic look, now reflecting a sleeker and more minimalist design. Additional pouch upgrades include a matte finish, a horizontal logo, the introduction of a blue-green color palette and more prominently featured product benefits. “While our original package was praised for its unique ergonomic design, we recognized the challenges of our rip-top,” said Gail Levy, founder and chief executive officer of HFactor, in a statement. “Fitting our Hydro-Pack with an easy-to-open spout that still retains hydrogen is a proud moment for our company. As our retail presence is slated to expand exponentially over the next several months, I could not be more excited to introduce our customers to HFactor’s newest packaging.” The new packaging rolled out in stores nationwide and online in May, and, for the first time ever, is available in an easy-to-open 12-pack specifically designed to fit into refrigerators. This announcement comes on the heels of HFactor’s expansion into Jet.com and GIANT Food Stores nationwide. Currently, HFactor is available at more than 1,100 retail stores, including GNC, 7-Eleven and CIBO Express, in addition to a variety of independent health-and-wellness retailers and on Amazon.com.