Propel has joined forces with actor, director, and producer Michael B. Jordan to introduce the brand's next chapter. Jordan's partnership will extend across Propel brand platforms, from creative collaboration and storytelling, to helping further the brand's efforts to drive access and equity in fitness.

Jordan is known for rallying the people around him to join in his journey and in 2023, sharing that energy and intentionality with exercisers of all levels in collaboration with Propel.

“I have been lucky to be surrounded by people who inspire me to achieve more through a sense of community, whether it's in my workouts, or in my life, and I hope to do the same for others,” Jordan stated. “This partnership with Propel Fitness Water is a true collaboration that’s about supporting those who are actively and intentionally looking to reach their goals and grow each day. I'm eager to work together to make an impact to last for years to come.”

As part of the multi-year partnership, Jordan, in partnership with Propel, will provide resources, access and opportunities for fitness in more spaces across the country. Propel also will play a role in Jordan’s marquee projects.

  • Featured on limited-edition bottle, Integrating with “CREED III” On-Screen and In-Store: For the first time, Propel will release a limited-edition design exclusively on its Berry flavored 1-liter bottles celebrating “CREED III,” Jordan’s feature film directorial debut hitting theaters nationwide March 3. Consumers can find the packaging in retail starting in late February.
  • Sponsoring Legacy Classic: Celebrating movement and sport at Jordan’s HBCU college basketball showcase, Propel will be supporting a dance and cheer squad in-game performance and post-game on-campus workouts.
  • Multi-Year Ongoing Brand & Community Partnership: Jordan will lead Propel’s fully integrated summer campaign to drive access to fitness in partnership with leaders in communities across the United States, inspiring movement that benefits both mind and body.

The integrated partnership comes on the heels of Propel’s eighth consecutive year of growth, and the unveiling of a new brand identity designed to reinforce how the portfolio of products supports the functional needs of everyday exercisers.

Re-establishing the brand as a modern fitness authority, Propel’s updated visual identity highlights the efficacy of the electrolyte water, backed by Gatorade science. The new dynamic design will be featured across Propel’s portfolio of offerings anchoring the brand's purpose of providing functionality for exercisers in their moments of sweat. Through its partnership with Jordan, both on and off screen, Propel is creating more opportunities to motivate and inspire exercisers as they progress in their fitness goals.

“We want to be front and center for exercisers both functionally, with our product backed by Gatorade electrolytes, and purposefully, by creating opportunities for movement in communities,” said Anuj Bhasin, chief brand officer at Gatorade Brands, in a statement. “That’s why we are so excited to be working with Michael B. Jordan, someone who has been a creative partner from the start, and embodies what it means to drive forward, unlock your potential and use your platform to encourage others to do the same.”

The refreshed look and feel, which includes a new logo and design across the brand’s entire product portfolio, started rolling out early this year and is expected to be completed by summer 2023.