Spritz Tea unveiled a new look and two new flavors — Bright Citrus and Wild Acai — for its shelf-stable, sparkling teas. The branding and packaging updates reflect slight changes to the brands logo, including a shift from doing business as Spritz Sparkling Tea to a new naming convention: Spritz Tea. Additionally, each flavor now will own a color and its tonal variations as a component of the flavors personality, and product names have been updated to better support these flavor profiles, the company says. The existing flavors in the brands softly sparkling, boldly flavored tea infusions portfolio have been renamed and the flavors slighted tweaked. Previously marketed as Hibiscus and Green, the two flavors will be named Pink Guava and Golden Peach, respectively. The fifth and final flavor of the central Ohio-based beverage startup will be released later this year. To highlights its flavors and packaging, Spritz Tea also is launching a brand new website: spritztea.com.