DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences announced a new ingredient as the latest addition to the DuPont Danisco HOLDBAC line of protective cultures: HOLDBAC YM VEGE. The ingredients are known for their ability to extend shelf-life and secure the quality of products by holding off yeast and mold spoilage without the use of synthetic preservatives, the company says. HOLDBAC YM VEGE brings this effective and label-friendly spoilage prevention to plant-based, fermented foods and beverages at a time when customer demand in this space has been high. “The industry has seen enormous growth for fermented plant-based products in recent years, driven by higher numbers of flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan consumers around the world. These shifts in diet are driven by a number of factors, including a search for improved health that comes with a plant-based diet, ethical choices toward foods with lower environmental impact and which are deemed better for animal welfare, and switching to dairy alternatives for lactose-intolerant consumers,” said Eve Martinet-Bareau, global product manager of cultures for plant-based fermented food and beverages, in a statement. DuPont estimates that if just 5 percent of the global yogurt market is replaced with plant-based alternatives made with Danisco VEGE and HOLDBAC YM VEGE cultures, the carbon dioxide emission savings might potentially be as high as 3,000,000 tons annually, it says.

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