Informa Markets’ Natural Products Expo West, part of the New Hope Network family of brands, hosted thousands of registered attendees and exhibiting companies March 12-16 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Exhibitors showcased the newest natural and organic products in foods and beverages, clean beauty and home products, and supplements and ingredients.

Among the exhibitors that featured companies that operate in the beverage market as well as suppliers that support those beverage operations, the following are highlights from those beverage exhibitors:

Amaz Project Inc. highlighted its line of organic sparkling teas. Amaz Yerba Mate is available in Lemon Ginger, Peach Mango and Acai Blueberry and are formulated with adaptogens to provide consumers with energy, focus and immunity, the company says.

Aura Bora showcased its line of herbal- and fruit-infused sparkling waters. Aura Bora’s newest addition to the lineup is Pineapple Holy Basil.

Blue Monkey YUZU highlighted its Sparkling Tropical YUZU collection. Packaged in 11.2-ounce slim cans, the line is a collection of plant-based nut and oat milks.

Karma Energy Water
Image courtesy of Karma Wellness Water

BlueTriton Brands highlighted its Origin spring water, B’EAU collagen water, Saratoga spring and sparkling waters as well as its portfolio of regional spring waters.

Brew Dr. Kombucha promoted its organic beverage portfolio, including Sipjoy, a lower sugar probiotic refresher.

C2O Coconut Water showcased its non-GMO coconut water line, which is available in Original flavor and With Pulp as well as With Pineapple; With Ginger, Lime and Turmeric; With Mango; and With Espresso.

Coco5 showcased its all-natural coconut water-based hydration drink featuring five essential electrolytes naturally sourced from fresh coconut water.

Califia Farms highlighted that it has transitioned all of its bottles in the United States and Canada to 100% recycled plastic (rPET), a move that will help reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 19% and cut its energy use in half, it says. The packaging update impacts the brand’s broad portfolio of refrigerated plant milks, creamers, coffees and tea. The switch reflects Califia’s ongoing commitment to a cleaner, healthier planet and its efforts to curb demand for new plastic, it says. While all Califia bottles in North America have successfully converted to 100% rPET, the brand will update its packaging to communicate the change to consumers starting in the spring of this year.

Chamberlain Coffee promoted its new line of ready-to-drink (RTD) Oatmilk Lattes. The Oatmilk Lattes are available in Salted Caramel and Mocha flavors. Both are naturally sweetened with cane sugar and date syrup, the company notes.

Chlorophyll Water launched new bottles made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET) with CleanFlake label technology in the “Hot Products” section of the show. These 100% rPET bottles are crafted from food-grade recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET). To accompany their bottle made from 100% recycled plastic, Chlorophyll Water selected Avery Dennison's CleanFlake technology as their label to help improve the yield of high-quality, food grade PET in the recycling process. CleanFlake technology is built on a water-based adhesive technology that separates cleanly from PET during the caustic wash stage of the recycling process.

The Clearly Food & Beverage Co. Ltd., producer of the Clearly Canadian line of premium sparkling waters, showcased its Clearly Canadian Originals, Essence, Sparkling and Zero Sugar lines.

Cloud Water unveiled an exciting rebrand, product reformulation and a new flavor. Packaged in sleek silver cans Cloud Water’s rebranding initiative is a comprehensive transformation that extends to the core mission of its products to provide a refreshing escape in each sparkling sip and fuel overall wellness, it says. In tandem with its rebrand, Cloud Water enhanced its existing formulas of +Immunity and +Energy lines as part of its commitment to continuously evolve. Cloud Water +Immunity, now called Daily Defense, will include prebiotics to support gut health. Cloud Water + Energy, now called Peace Love Energy, will include coconut water and electrolytes for optimal energy and hydration. Additionally, Cloud Water will be introducing the newest flavor of Peace Love Energy, Passion Fruit & Pineapple. Like all Cloud Water products, Peace Love Energy is lightly sweetened with organic wildflower honey and under 40 calories in each can.

Culture Pop Soda showcased its probiotic soda line, made with real, organic fruit juice, herbs and live probiotics. Culture Pop’s flavors — Lemon Lime, Wild Berries & Lime, Strawberry & Rhubarb, Ginger Lemon & Turmeric, and Watermelon & Lime — are made without refined sweeteners or stevia.

Daytrip Beverages promoted its prebiotic sodas, which come in three flavors: Clementine, Berry Citrus and Grapefruit Lime. The company also highlighted is CBD Sparkling Waters, which contain 25 mg of CBD.

Dole Packaged Foods LLC reinforced its commitments set forth in The Dole Promise to satisfy America's craving for “Dole-icious,” better-for-you snacks and beverages at the show. From Dole beverages, the company showcased Dole’s Fruit Juices and fruit-powered fortified juices, Dole Digestive Bliss and Dole Energy Delight. Lower sugar options include the award-winning Dole Canned Light Pineapple Juice Drink.

Eat the Change unveiled its latest addition to the JUST ICE TEA line. The brainchild of Honest Tea co-founder Seth Goldman and celebrity Chef Spike Mendelsohn, along with Honest Tea co-founder Barry Nalebuff, JUST ICE TEA unveiled ready-to-drink iced teas in a can. The new 12-ounce cans will be available in three varie-teas: Lemon Tea, Raspberry Tea, and Dragon Green Tea- a cheeky play on the Honest Tea fan favorite, Green Dragon Tea.

Elevate promoted its Hydrogen Infused SuperWater.

Emotional Utility Beverage showcased its Sparkling Mood and Mind Boosting Beverages.

Fevertree USA Inc. highlighted its Fever-Tree Cocktail Mixers.

Flow Beverage Corp. unveiled at Expo West its refreshed, newly designed and most advanced sustainable packaging, set to debut later this summer across North America alongside a new brand platform, it says. The rollout will commence with the introduction of the updated packaging for Flow Original, followed by the release of Flavored Water later in the year. Flow is announcing its most sustainable Tetra Pak package yet, with 80%-plus renewable materials, and sealed with an improved sugarcane-based cap. The new Tetra Pak carton replaces traditional polymers with bio-based ones and contains post-consumer recycled content, it notes.

Four Sigmatic announced it will debut a new line of organic instant teas. Each tea is infused with functional mushrooms and adaptogens for focus, calm, positive mood, and immune and gut support. Four Sigmatic instant teas will be available on shelves at Whole Foods Market and online at beginning in May. The line consists of five varieties: Think, an organic lemon black tea designed for focus that’s made with lion’s mane, L-Theanine, black tea and lemon; Calm, an organic chamomile and mint tea designed for relaxation that’s made with reishi, ashwagandha, chamomile and lavender; Protect, an organic wild berry tea designed for immune support that’s made with chaga, elderberry, acerola cherry and blueberry; Mood, an organic lemon balm and rose tea designed for a positive mood that’s made with reishi, tulsi, rose and lemon balm; and Happy Gut, an organic ginger and lemon tea designed for gut health that’s made with turkey tail, ginger, yacon and probiotics.

Freshbell promoted its Collagen Water.

Frujava highlighted its Plant-Based Energy Drink.

Good Idea showcased its Primes Metabolism, Balances Blood Sugar, Zero Caffeine Lightly Sparkling Water products.

Grounding Roots highlighted its new Frozen Shots, Lemonade and Tea products.

Guayakí Yerba Mate introduced its latest flavor innovation ― Berry Lemonade ― which will join the lineup of the brand’s High Energy Cans nationwide. Berry Lemonade will be available where Guayakí products are traditionally sold, including major national supermarket chains, natural grocery, conventional retail, and convenience stores, ranging from $2.99 to $3.39. It also will be available online at Amazon and later this spring.

Gutsy Fermented Beverages promoted its Adapt2 line, which is brewed with three adaptogenic plants.

The Hain Celestial Group showcased several breakthrough innovations across its global portfolio at Expo West. Hain highlighted Earth’s Best Organic Support Smoothies and new sustainable packaging solutions from the Ella's Kitchen and Celestial Seasonings brands. Earth’s Best introduced a new line of delicious yogurt smoothies with functional benefits. The smoothies provides essential vitamins and minerals that support overall growth and development, it says. The line is available in four varieties that support Bone, Digestive, Immunity and Brain health.

Happypop showcased its sparkling beverage designed to support mood. The functional energy line is made with dopamine-inducing adaptogens, real fruit juices, and 100 mg of pure, organic caffeine.

Harmless Harvest showcased new products from both its Coconut Water and A Hint of Flavor lines.

Hawaiian Soda Co. promoted its sparkling flavored juice beverage line, which contain no added sugar.

Health-Ade highlighted its Kombucha products, which are naturally fermented with high-quality ingredients and are certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan.

High Brew Coffee promoted its line of cold-brewed coffees, which are made from 100% Arabica beans.

Hint Inc. highlighted its portfolio of flavored waters, including Hint Unsweetened Essence Water, Hint Unsweetened Sparkling Essence Water and Hint Energy Unsweetened Essence Water with Caffeine. The company also shared online exclusive smashup flavors, which are available on

Hoplark promoted its sparkling HopTea and craft brewed sparkling Hoplark Water.

Huxley launched its new plant-powered energy drink, designed for anyone seeking a natural, eco-conscious boost. Harnessing the natural power of Cascara, Huxley boasts 90 mg of natural caffeine and is balanced by the calming properties of L-theanine, hydrating electrolytes, and only 5 grams of organic cane sugar, the company says.

Icelandic Glacial showcased its naturally alkaline still and sparkling varieties.

Attendees had the opportunity to sample Karma Energy Water, a new product from Karma Water that features a blend of natural caffeine and Cognizin Citicoline from Kyowa Hakko to provide energy and enhanced focus. Karma Energy Water contains a blend of 150 mg of natural caffeine, 250 mg of Cognizin, and nine essential vitamins.

Mananalu refillable aluminum bottles
Images courtesy of Mananalu

La Colombe introduced new 11-ounce Draft Latte cans in Double, Triple, Mocha, Vanilla, Caramel, as well as Vanilla Oat, Double Oat and Cold Brew. Made with premium cold brew, roasted and brewed in-house and locally sourced 2% milk, the new draft lattes are available in La Colombe cafes throughout Chicago (as part of La Colombe’s pilot campaign) and online ( This April, the 11-ounce Draft Lattes will be available at retailers nationwide.

LaCroix Sparkling Water highlighted its zero calorie, zero sweetener, and zero sodium, premium domestic sparkling water portfolio. LaCroix offer 22 unique core flavors, including the latest “Taste of Paradise” Mojito, as well as classic favorites like Pamplemousse, Lime, Lemon and original Pure.

Lagunitas Brewing Co. showcased Hoppy Refresher, a highly carbonated dry-hopped sparkling water. The refresher features a pinch of brewer’s yeast to biotransformate the hops and pull out terpenes (AKA aroma compounds) of bubblegum, lime, lemon, tangerine, and a bit of pine, the company says.

Lifeway Foods Inc. highlighted the benefits of probiotics in Lifeway Kefir.

Mananalu debuted at the show its 22-ounce refillable aluminum bottles, in Tahitian Lime and Lilikoi Passion flavors. The new format will make a nationwide rollout later this year. In addition to the new 22-ounce flavor launch, Mananalu is also continuing their sustainability mission by removing more plastic from its supply chain with new display-ready 12-pack boxes. Beginning in Q2 of 2024, all cases of Mananalu will be plastic free ― the non-recyclable plastic film currently covering each case will be replaced with recycled corrugated boxes. Additionally, Mananalu will be prototyping a biodegradable stretch film to replace the plastic wrap used to protect pallets during shipping and storage.

Plant-based milk brand milkadamia showcased its refrigerated line Organic Artisan. Arriving in early 2025, milkadamia’s refrigerated Organic Artisan Line will include Original Macadamia Milk, Unsweetened Macadamia Milk, Macadamia and Oat Milk, Macadamia and Coconut Milk, and Macadamia and Almond Milk, all certified USDA Organic. Additionally, milkadamia’s new shelf-stable offerings include Organic Artisan Macadamia Milk, which will be on shelves at Whole Foods this May, and an expanded Artisan Macadamia and Oat Milk, Macadamia and Coconut Milk, and Macadamia and Almond Milk line.

Mingle Mocktails highlighted its clean crafted sparkling mocktail line.

NextFoods’ GoodBelly introduced new Prebiotic Sparkling Water, the brand’s first product featuring gut-healthy prebiotics from Blue Agave, providing 3 grams of fiber and zero added sugar (20 calories or less) in each serving. The new drinks come in three flavors: Mixed Berry, Lemon Lime and Mango Pineapple. Made with real fruit juice, each flavor supports healthy digestion and is certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free and kosher. GoodBelly Prebiotic Sparkling Waters will be available in Sprouts Farmers Market stores and on Amazon in spring 2024.

Nuun Hydration promoted its Hydration Tablet and Hydration Powder lines.

OWYN showcased its portfolio of 100% plant protein powered protein shakes, high protein shakes, protein coffee shakes and nutrition shakes.

Polar Beverages highlighted its Premium Seltzer line.

Pop & Bottle promoted its premium, organic, dairy-free Almond and Oat Milk Lattes as well as its line of Super Concentrates. The company also highlighted its new 48-ounce organic cold brew coffee.

 Poppi highlighted its prebiotic carbonated soft drink, which is available in 12 flavors ― Strawberry Lemon, Raspberry Rose, Orange, Ginger Lime, Watermelon, Cherry Limeade, Grape, Classic Cola, Root Beer, Doc Pop, limited-edition Cranberry Fizz, and its newest innovation: Wild Berry.

Q Mixers promoted its 14 premium mixer flavors, including Tonic Water, Ginger Beer, Club Soda, Sparkling Grapefruit Soda and Ginger Ale.

Recess relaxation beverages promoted its Zero Proof Craft Mocktail collection, its official expansion into the non-alcohol category. Recess Zero Proof is a line of full-flavored canned craft mocktails designed to bring the alcohol-free experience from replacement to enhancement, it says.

Remedy Drinks promoted its Kombucha line, which is made through the brand’s traditional technique of a 30-day brewing process to accentuate the flavor and strength of living cultures and organic acids, the company says.

Rise Brewing Co. highlighted its organic nitro cold brew coffee, lattes, tea, cold brew, and oat milk products.

Rowdy Mermaid promoted its Kombucha, Toni, and Good Mood Soda lines.

Spindrift showcased its sparkling waters that are made with real squeezed fruit.

SUJA LIFE highlighted its portfolio of Cold Pressed Juices, Functional Shots and Organic Protein Drinks.

Swoon showcased its portfolio of zero sugar beverages.

Vita Coco showcased its portfolio of coconut milks, waters, juices as well as Vita Coco Milk Barista, a non-dairy beverage.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water promoted its bottled water line and introduced Waiakea RTD Coffee. 

Waterloo Sparkling Water highlighted its fruit-inspired sparkling waters. Made with Non-GMO Project Verified flavors and Whole30 Approved, Waterloo is free of calories, sugar, artificial sweeteners and sodium.

Wildwonder showcased its prebiotic and probiotic sparkling drink.

Zen highlighted its Ultra-Pure Vapor Distilled Water.

milkadamia’s refrigerated Organic Artisan Line
Image courtesy of milkadamia

Ingredient Suppliers

Natural Products Expo West exhibitors also featured a collection of ingredient suppliers. The following are highlights from those exhibitors: 

BENEO promoted its prebiotic chicory root fibers Orafti Inulin and Oligofructose as well as its smart carbohydrate, Palatinose for sustained energy, and the tooth-friendly sugar replacer Isomalt.

Cargill shared that Gerkens cocoa powders continue to bring new innovations, leveraging Cargill’s deep understanding of the flavor nuances of cocoa powders. For example, the company’s Chocolate Engineers recognized that finding optimal cocoa powder pairings for the top plant-based dairy alternative bases could improve the flavor profile of these products. They found Gerkens Floret is an excellent match for the roasted, milky profile of an almond-based drink, while Gerkens Russet partners well with oat-based beverages. Another addition to Cargill’s cocoa powder portfolio is the Gerkens Sweety range, which enables up to 15-30% sugar reduction in a simple way, without compromising on chocolaty taste, the company says.

Dairy Farmers of America promoted its contract manufacturing capabilities for quality dairy and food products for national companies for coffee/dairy, nutritional, energy, weight loss, protein drinks, infant formulas and coconut water.

Flavor Producers LLC highlighted its organic flavor portfolios along with its breakthrough Transparent & Tasteful Technologies built to aid in clean and clear labeling.

Food Ingredient Solutions highlighted its full range of kosher, halal and organic colors and natural antioxidants for the food, drug and cosmetics industries.

Glanbia Nutritionals focused on showing Optimized Energy Ingredient Solutions. The company promoted its newly launched OptiATP ingredient for RTD beverages.

GNT USA highlighted its plant-based EXBERRY color concepts, which can be used to deliver vibrant shades while supporting completely clean labels, it says.

Ingredion Inc. promoted its portfolio of pea protein isolates, pulse concentrates, flours (yellow pea, faba, chickpea, yellow lentil, red lentil) and pea starch.

Kerry promoted its liquid concentrates as well as mixes and powders for beverage applications.

PLT Health Solutions highlighted its ingredient solutions of 5-LOXIN, ApresFlex, AquaLOX, Artesa, ceratiq, Earthlight, Elantria, Hytolive, RhodioLife, Slendacor, Supresa, Synapsa, Xanthigen, Zembrin, zumXR and Zynamite.

Prinova promoted its capabilities with ready-to-mix powder and beverage solutions. The company also showcased its nutrient premix and custom flavor capabilities.

Roha U.S.A. LLC highlighted its food color and ingredient and its expertise with natural food ingredients, food colors, pharmaceutical and cosmetic pigments, dried ingredients, and industrial colors and dyes.

Synergy promoted its flavors, extracts and essences for the global food and beverage industry.

This summer will be the inaugural Newtopia Now tradeshow, which will take place Aug. 6-8 at the newly expanded Savannah Convention Center in Savannah, GA. Natural Products Expo West 2025 will take place March 4-8 at the Anaheim Convention Center.