Idris Elba has revealed his latest track, the sky-high summer anthem '”Pushing On” to mark the launch of GREY GOOSE Altius, the new luxury vodka inspired by the rare natural luxuries of the French Alps.

Elba and GREY GOOSE Altius, a brand of Bacardi Ltd, Hamilton, Bermuda, have collaborated to create the ultimate celebration moment with friends, the limited-edition smooth-tasting luxury vodka made from Alpine spring water and winter wheat combined with the definitive soundtrack from Elba. 

As well as launching new music, Elba has recorded an exclusive short film where the actor, producer and DJ shares his creative process and inspiration behind the track. This collaboration sees the vodka brand and award-winning actor and DJ join forces, united by a shared passion for craftsmanship, brought to life through the skill of music and the exquisite luxury vodka, the company says.

The release follows the exclusive GREY GOOSE Altius launch party in Ibiza earlier this summer, which saw Elba DJ to a star-studded array of attendees in a private villa on one of the highest peaks on the island. The track now forms the soundtrack to parties across Europe this summer, alongside GREY GOOSE Altius, it says.

“Vibrations, rhythm, music, melody — all of these things are an emotion for me,” Elba said in a statement. “I have to imagine what I want the song to do, and I get inspired by things that sound like that.  Everyone speaks different languages, are different ages, different generations but as soon as you play music, it's just one frequency.”

“Pushing On” is available on Spotify now. GREY GOOSE Altius is available in 700-ml and 1.75- liter bottles at the world's best bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, the company says. Currently in Europe's summer hotspots: Ibiza, Mykonos, Saint Tropez, and Porto Cervo, with London, Paris, Dubai and the United States debuting this Autumn, it notes.