On the heels of Kathy Hilton’s musical debut in SMASH TEA PARTAY: A Smirnoff ICE Musical, the reality TV star and Smirnoff ICE are back to spill the tea on the brand’s latest flavor offerings of Smirnoff ICE SMASH Tea.

Flipping the script on the predictable world of golf and traditional tea, the second coming of the Smirnoff ICE SMASH Tea Partay proved to be the boldest, most flavor-forward, come-as-you-are affair of the season, the company says. 

As fairways and putting greens across the country are groomed to precision in anticipation of tee times, Hilton and Smirnoff ICE SMASH Tea took to West Hollywood with a tea time of their own.

A bold new twist on the country club experience, floating greens replaced tee boxes, finger sandwiches were swapped for mini hotdogs and the tea flowed from cans, not kettles — and maybe a few lips. “Because why have a stuffy tea party when you could throw a Smirnoff ICE SMASH Tea Partay?” it says.

“I’m all about embracing the bold in life and so is Smirnoff ICE, which is why we teamed up for my musical debut. I think we can all agree, it was a smash hit,” Hilton said in a statement. “In the next act of the Smirnoff ICE SMASH Tea Partay, we’re spilling the tea and teeing up surprising twists to a sport I love.”

Lisa Lee, Smirnoff ICE brand director, added: “In 2006, we invited people to join us for the first-ever Tea Partay in celebration of a bold new flavor. When Smirnoff ICE SMASH Tea hit shelves nearly two decades later, we knew we had another smash hit on our hands. We’re continuing the momentum created from our most-viewed post in Smirnoff Instagram history — SMASH TEA PARTAY: A Smirnoff ICE Musical — to bring together unexpected twists and combinations, like Kathy Hilton and SMASH Tea.”

Additionally, Smirnoff ICE is serving up Arcade1Up Golden Tee Machines as part of a new collaboration. Consumers 21 and older can enter at https://cheers.smirnoff.com/en/IH4402/form to shoot their shot at scoring their very own, limited-edition Smirnoff ICE x Arcade1Up Golden Tee arcade machine, now through June 30, it says.

The new Smirnoff ICE SMASH Tea flavors combine brewed tea flavor in two varieties: Peach and Lemon. Each can is available to purchase nationwide for a suggested retail price of $1.99 for a 16-ounce can, and $2.49 for a 23.5-ounce can