Pure Leaf and the queen of “Do It Yourself,” Martha Stewart, encourage tea drinkers everywhere to ditch their home batch and leave it to Pure Leaf the next time they crave iced tea. Nearly 90% of consumers agreeing that Pure Leaf Unsweetened Iced Tea tastes like homebrewed iced tea, according to PepsiCo’s “Central Location Taste Test,” conducted by RTi Research on Aug. 23. Given this, even the most serious of tea DIYers can feel confident skipping the at-home steeping while still getting quality, homebrewed flavor at home or on the go, the company says.

Less DIY means more time to do what you want as Martha Stewart shows in the campaign when she trades her iced tea-brewing time for new hobbies, like learning to play her favorite songs on the harp (cue “Still D.R.E.” by Dr. Dre and her bestie Snoop) or expertly woodworking a new chair. In addition to showcasing the possibilities you can unlock when you skip the homebrewing and leave it to Pure Leaf, the brand also is challenging tea DIYers across the country to put Pure Leaf to the homebrewed flavor taste test with a national giveaway, it says.

“Why do it yourself when Pure Leaf does it just as well, if not better?” Stewart said in a statement. “We all know I cherish the act of DIYing, but I’ve come to a place where I’m more discerning with where I exert my time and energy. When I can swap out my homemade creations with a real, quality product that tastes just as good ― that’s a ‘Don’t Do It Yourself’ (DDIY) I can get behind. Pure Leaf has always been my best kept secret when it comes to hosting hacks.”

Pure Leaf also will send a custom Pure Leaf x Martha Stewart DDIY Kit to 250 tea drinkers ready to open a bottle of real brewed Pure Leaf Iced Tea. Each kit includes items to help winners enjoy their Pure Leaf to the same high standards as any homebrew, including a chic glass pitcher, custom ice cube mold, wooden mixing spoon, and dried fruit garnish for an elegant aesthetic, it says. A step-by-step DDIY recipe card instructs: 1. Refrigerate 2. Pour 3. Sip 4. Enjoy. Consumers can enter for a chance to win a kit at PureLeaf.com/DDIY through Nov. 16.

“We at Pure Leaf have always focused on making delicious iced tea that tastes homebrewed,” said Julie Raheja-Perera, general manager of North America for the Pepsi Lipton Partnership. “We love to hear that nearly 90% of tea-lovers agree we’re just as good. When we sought out to find the right partner for this campaign, there was only one DIY icon: Martha Stewart. And when she shared with us that Pure Leaf is her secret hosting hack ― we knew it was a perfect partnership. It was written in the tea leaves if you will. With this campaign, we hope to free up a little extra time for our devout DIYers, so they can find time to pick up new hobbies (like Martha did) or simply use it to focus on what matters most to them.”