Available just in time for summer, SelvaRey Coconut, a two-year-old aged ultra-premium rum infused with velvety coconut essence with hints of fresh coconut water, key lime pie, pineapple and tres leches, is being introduced by Bruno Mars and a few of his famous friends as “a party in a party when you celebrate — SelvaRey.” The multi-Grammy-award-winning Mars is showcasing his rum empire in a new creative content series that features a new flagship video and campaign: Tropical Luxury, Wherever You Are. To introduce the new expression, Mars directs and stars in the video along with fellow Grammy winners: Anderson .Paak and James Fauntleroy, with D’Mile co-producing. “Rum is really synonymous with joy. Anyone holding a good rum cocktail is exactly where they want to be,” Mars said in a statement. “That’s what I wanted people to feel with this campaign. And SelvaRey Coconut delivers the ultimate drink every time. It’s hands down the best coconut rum you’ve ever tasted. Who wouldn’t be happy with a SelvaRey Piña Colada in their hand?”