In its first year on the market, AHA Sparkling Water disrupted the sparkling water category with bold flavor combinations, enlivening sensory experiences and caffeinated options. In May, the brand issued a rallying cry with its first-ever ad campaign ― “Can I Get an AHA?” ― which will air live on TV, audio, social and streaming channels. The campaign features actors and comedians Lauren Lapkus and Colton Dunn, a joyful and refreshing duo themselves, best known for their roles in “Orange Is the New Black” and “Superstore,” respectively. The campaign includes four spots (two 30 seconds and two 15 seconds) and some bonus behind-the-scenes footage. Developed in partnership with Preacher, the content will be featured on major streaming services such as Discovery, Viacom CBS, Warner Media, Amazon Fire, Youtube, Hulu, Tubi and Roku. Additional creative will air live on audio and OOH until October.