I recently participated in a webinar over Zoom with 117-year-old Beck Flavors, as the company unveiled its 2021 Flavors of the Year in four categories: Fruit, Botanical, Innovative and Peoples Choice.

Hosted by Cat Neville of tasteMakers, the webinar featured insights from Beck Flavors’ President Matt Carr, Leslie Newsam, co-owner and [1] mixologist at the Antler Room, and other flavor experts.

The following are the 2021 Flavors of the Year:

Fruit ~ Yuzu. A tart flavor that tastes like a combination of grapefruit and mandarin orange, yuzu provides an innovative twist in multiple applications like cocktails, sparkling water and energy drinks.

Botanical ~ Cherry Blossom. With a light sweetness that represents springtime and renewal, this flavor can be used in teas, desserts and in an aromatic cocktail that Newsam paired with gin.

Innovative ~ Dill Pickle. Although it has become popular in beer and popcorn, pickle juice can relieve muscle cramping. The distinct flavor has room to grow on the national stage, Beck says.

Peoples Choice ~ Honeycomb Toffee. With 677 online votes, the flavors honeycomb and toffee are popular by themselves, but the combination is where the innovation happens.