Essentia Water, Bothell, Wash., announced $53 million in measured retail sales across all channels for the first quarter — an increase of $18 million over Q1 2018. Essentia surpassed the $215 million in measured retail sales mark in the last 52 weeks, based on data from Chicago-based Information Resources Inc. (IRI).

Essentia’s strong performance in the first quarter of the year has the company on track to achieve or exceed its growth and expansion goals, it says. Essentia credits its success over the past three months to sales velocity and increased points of distribution in the United States. Essentia’s integrated marketing efforts have heightened brand awareness and resonated well with its core millennial audience. This announcement follows the company’s most financially successful year, generating nearly $196 million in measured retail sales in 2018, representing 59 percent growth, according to IRI data.

“The first few months of the year are not typically the key selling season for bottled water, yet our business continues to grow and outpace our previous accomplishments,” said Ken Uptain, chief executive officer and founder of Essentia Water, in a statement. “While I’m thrilled with our results to date, we’re focused on continuing to live out our brand philosophy of overachievement by demonstrating positive momentum and reaching even bigger business milestones in 2019.” BI