Essentia, Bothell, Wash., ended the 2019 second quarter with $67 million sales, based on sales data from Information Resources Inc. (IRI) ending June 16. Finishing with $22 million above the second quarter of 2018, an increase of 47 percent, this represents the company’s most successful quarter, it adds.

In the last 52 weeks Essentia has continued to outpace sales goals and exceeded $236 million in all channel sales.

Essentia credits its success during the past three months to sales velocity, increased points of distribution and broader mass awareness through its new integrated marketing campaign, It Might As Well Be You, which kicked-off with national advertising including TV spots in Q2, it says.

“Essentia’s continued quarter over quarter growth cements our leadership position in the high pH category,” said Ken Uptain, chief executive officer and founder of Essentia Water, in a statement. “While I’m very pleased with our continued sales and growth performance, overachievement is in our brand DNA. We’re always planning for the next thing – how we can go farther and soar to new heights. We’re looking forward to building on our successes and reaching new milestones with retail availability, sales results, partnerships and more.”

Looking ahead, Essentia plans to partner with a national recycling organization that helps to educate and encourage consumers to recycle, it says. In addition to supporting recycling initiatives, Essentia is exploring other ways to foster sustainability.