Summer lovin’ had me a blast, summer lovin’ happens so fast,” was famously sung in “Grease” by John Travolta’s Danny, Olivia Newton-John’s Sandy, and a cast of their colorful classmates from 1950s Rydell High.

When it comes to beverage choices in the hot summer months, consumers have a multitude of options to ensure they have a “blast” throughout the summer. For example, Dunkin’ is serving Iced Tea Lemonade and Frozen Lemonade made from real lemon juice that offer a cool twist on a warm weather favorite, the company says.

Especially in the summer, I tend to favor lighter-tasting beverages like White Zinfandel and Rosé wines along with fruity, slushy strawberry daiquiri’s and Margarita’s over the full-bodied Merlots and darker craft beers enjoyed in fall and winter.

It seems I’m not alone in this pursuit. Celebrating summertime fun, play and homegrown abundance is the inspiration behind “Drinking the Summer Garden,” an 80-page, full-color collection of cool seasonal drinks and accompanying treats and nibbles. Author Gayla Trail depicts how to concoct seasonal drinks that can’t be bought in a bottle while showcasing a wide variety of ingredients and flavors available fresh from summer gardens and farmers markets.

Summer also is the perfect time for hosting outdoor parties. “What you serve to drink is going to be a key element of ensuring your guests have a great time,” said Blake Helppie, managing partner at Rosé Piscine, a wine made to drink over ice, in a statement. “Having the right wine at your event will give people something to talk about, help them get comfortable chatting, and will leave a good impression on them overall.”


50.6% - Beverage Industry

Did you know?

The U.S. wellness and functional beverage market racked up $81.4 billion in wholesale sales on volume of 25.6 billion gallons in 2017. Additionally, wellness and functional beverages have grown from a 47.9 percent share of the non-alcoholic beverage market in 2012 to 50.6 percent share in 2017.

— Beverage Marketing Corporation December 2018 “Wellness & Functional Beverages in the U.S.” report.