Beverage companies are investing more into packaging. Jose Cuervo and Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice release limited-edition bottles that support events and tenured retail partners. Additionally, a craft beer brand and cold-brew coffee brand update their labels to appeal to consumers.


Everybody’s going surfing!

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Cuervo Classic Surf Competition, Jose Cuervo released a limited-edition bottle of Jose Cuervo Especial Silver. Jose Cuervo established the Cuervo Classic in 1978, a catalyst that helped propel the sport forward, fostering some of the sport’s most iconic talent, it says. The limited-edition bottle features a vintage label design that pays homage to the Cuervo Classic with vibrant colors reminiscent of the original competition’s logo, it details. Launched near the last round of fall surfing competitions, the limited-edition Cuervo Classic bottle is designed to impress surf fans and add a pop of color to the back bar, it states. The commemorative bottle is offered in 750-ml bottles, retailing for $17.99 and is available nationwide at select grocery and liquor stores while supplies last.

Exclusive designs

Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice released limited-edition bottle designs that are exclusively available at Target and Kroger stores. Additionally, the bottles at Target feature Sparkling Red and White 100% Grape Juice, a new product offering for the retailer. At Target, these offerings, along with Welch’s Sparkling Rosé Cocktail, feature the words “cheer,” “pop” and “clink” on metallic packaging. The 25.4-ounce bottles each retail for $4.29. At Kroger, Welch’s Sparkling Red Grape, White Grape and Rosé Juice Cocktails are packaged in 25.4-ounce celebratory metallic bottles with a merchandisers’ suggested retail price of $2.99.

Sophisticated redesign

Trumer Pils rolled out its first-ever package redesign. In partnership with design agency Stranger & Stranger, the brand debuted a new sophisticated look, which speaks to the fresh taste and refined quality the pilsner offers, it says. “The brand takes a more sophisticated design route not often seen within the beer category in order to separate itself from a sea of other craft brands. We believe this new look will help drive brand awareness amongst a younger generation of craft beer drinkers,” said Gregor Mina, director of marketing at Trumer Brewery, in a statement. Combining bright white and the brand’s signature red, the new design puts “Trumer Pils” front and center — paying tribute to its homeland of Berkeley, Calif., the company says. The new back label includes an illustrated design with food pairing recommendations which complement the beer. The matte label also features proper pouring instructions. This technique highlights Trumer’s aroma, effervescence, dense head and lacing down the glass as you finish off the beer, it states. The new packaging has been released in both bottles and cans throughout various California markets.

Back to its roots

MOJO Cold Brewed Coffee Inc. announced new colorful labels inspired by the company’s New Orleans roots. The company also streamlined its label copy to create a more legible design, it says. MOJO used Boston-based marketing agency Breakaway to identify its target consumer and create copy that speaks to that audience, it adds. “Grab Life by the Beans” is the leading tag line on many new point-of-sale materials, the company says.