It’s an exciting time for those who love technology. As new advancements are released, it’s also exciting to see how they are impacting marketing. Alcohol and non-alcohol brands, alike, have been utilizing various digital platforms to educate, communicate and market to consumers. Recently, one particular effort caught my eye.

Johnnie Walker Blended Scotch Whisky launched a digital mentorship program that brings to life product credentials and more than two centuries of heritage and blending through a variety of unique experiences across Amazon Alexa, the app for the Amazon Echo hands-free speaker, and Facebook Messenger. Developed in collaboration with Vayner Media, the program also includes a series of digital videos featuring mixologist Jeff Bell, the company says.

Johnnie Walker and Amazon developed the Johnnie Walker Skill for Amazon Alexa, in which Alexa guides participants through personalized tastings, recommends blends across the portfolio, shares anecdotes from Johnnie Walker history, provides whisky tips and recommends cocktail recipes, which all can be downloaded via the Amazon app, it adds.

The program also includes a robot for Facebook Messaging that brings whisky tasting and education to consumers’ fingertips, it says. Using a mobile device, consumers can chat live with the Johnnie Walker robot to access its whisky knowledge and also allows them to order a product through ReserveBar, order cocktail ingredients from Cocktail Courier, purchase a bottle with Drizly, or locate a nearby retailer, it adds.

Additionally, Bell shares quick tips on tasting whisky in videos available on YouTube.

Utilizing the growing variety of digital platforms can offer new options for companies to communicate and connect with consumers. As technology continues to advance and offer new communication and interaction methods, it’s great to see beverage companies finding new, innovative ways to reach their consumers.