Drink up before surgery  

The night before having surgery, consumers often savor a full meal and drink in preparation for the next few hours of fasting. However, a new beverage was developed to change the way Americans prepare for surgery. BevMD’s Clearfast Preoperative Beverage was designed and patented by anesthesiologist M. Lou Marsh, M.D., to replace fasting while hydrating, nourishing, assisting in the recovery process, and improving postoperative outcomes, the company says. Consumers can drink as many as three bottles up to approximately two hours before surgery, it adds. Clearfast was granted the American Society of Anesthesiologists’ seal of compliance with all of its fasting guidelines.


This one’s for mom   

For Mother’s Day this month, Rogue Ales & Spirits is helping craft beer lovers give their moms a bouquet of roses through a new beer. Rogue Mom Hefeweizen is brewed with Oregon rose petals grown on Rogue Farms. The hand-picked petals are joined by Revolution hops, Dare malt and Risk malt, which also are grown and harvested on Rogue Farms. Although the beer is dedicated to mothers everywhere, it pays particular tribute to the late Mo Niemi, founder of Mo’s Restaurants, who was Rogue’s first landlord and “surrogate mom” in Newport, Ore. Rogue Mom Hefeweizen is available nationwide in 22-ounce bottles and on draft.


What’s your late-night drink of choice?

 In celebration of National Beer Day on April 7, TiVo’s Research & Analytics group announced the Top 3 beers most purchased by viewers of the most popular late-night talk shows. Drum roll, please! 

                            Enlarged image

late night chart 300

Take the stage

Heineken USA launched a social experiment inviting its fans to open their worlds and take on daring challenges that show that everyone is legendary at something. The brand hosted a one-night-only production in New York City where unsuspecting attendees were invited to take on the role of the stars for the night. Participants ventured through a labyrinth of daring scenes that invited them to take part in challenges such as telling jokes onstage, stealing a key from a sleeping man, giving someone a tattoo, and participating in a Bollywood-style video shoot. These experiences have been immortalized in Heineken’s
“The Guest of Honor” video.


Making a difference in 31 days

In the 31-day period between World Water Day on March 22 and Earth Day on April 22, Voss Water of Norway promoted its mission to provide access to clean water in Sub-Saharan African communities. The fourth annual “31 Days to Make a Difference” campaign this year included a Facebook app and a Twitter campaign highlighting the Voss Foundation’s efforts in partnership with Face Africa. In addition, retail outlets, restaurants and hotels that sell Voss Water displayed signage and other collateral materials to educate global consumers about Voss Foundation’s clean water efforts. Voss has been working in Sub-Saharan Africa for the past five years and has installed 68 clean water access points and 159 sanitation facilities in six countries.


One world, one cup

In its largest marketing campaign yet, The Coca-Cola Co.’s Coca-Cola brand is working to bring the world together around the 2014 FIFA World Cup competition in June. Its “The World’s Cup” campaign is working to make this soccer championship event the most accessible and inclusive one yet through a digital film, documentary-style short films, the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, and an official music anthem and photomosaic Happiness Flag for the campaign. The Happiness Flag will incorporate photos tweeted by fans around the world to show how soccer brings together people from different backgrounds and beliefs. Because Brazil is hosting the games this year, the campaign also has a Brazilian identity, as the anthem is performed by a Brazilian vocalist and street band, and the visual identity was created in collaboration with a Brazilian street artist.


Check my ‘Flo’

Celsius Holdings Inc. partnered with rapper Flo Rida for the exclusive licensing and endorsement rights for its Celsius negative-calorie, functional beverages. “With [more than] 23 million digital followers and 2 billion YouTube views, Flo Rida’s strong global presence opens up a new era for Celsius,” said Celsius Chief Executive Officer Gerry David in a statement. “Flo Rida’s commitment to fitness and a healthy lifestyle as featured in … Muscle & Fitness’ June 2012 issue is right in line with the Celsius brand message.” The company also chose to partner with Flo Rida because of his passion for giving back through his personal initiatives and charitable donations, the company adds.


Tour de Fat Tire

Starting this month, New Belgium Brewing Co. is hitting the road with its Tour de Fat traveling bicycle advocacy tour. Now in its 15th year, the tour will stop in 10 cities to host day-long festivities that kick off with costumed bicycle parades through the cities, ending in a local park. At the parks, New Belgium will host a variety of entertainment including musical acts, yo-yo-performers, bike contests and vaudeville acts. This year also will include some brewing education and a “Bicycle Revival” to promote bike transportation. Proceeds from beer sales at the events will be donated to local nonprofits.