Tanqueray No. TEN’s new bottle features a copper cap with a citrus grater texture as a homage to the miniature Tiny Ten still. The light translucent green bottle holds a citrus press shaped glass structure at the base of the bottle, a tribute to the whole citrus fruit used in the Tanqueray No. TEN distillation process. The bottles new ten faceted design and red wax seal aptly celebrates this liquid artisanship from Charles Tanqueray & Co., the company says.

“Tanqueray No. TEN has always pioneered bringing gin to new levels, and this stunning new bottle is a testament to our craft. Using whole citrus fruits to capture the ‘citrus heart’ in our historic Tiny Ten still sets us apart from other gin distillations, making this the perfect element for the zenith of cocktail making excellence. The gin’s unique balance and refreshing taste are key to creating balanced drinks. It’s a delight to see how it’s used in the best drinks in the world,” said Master Distiller Terry Fraser in a statement.  

The refreshed packaging design coincides with a season of bartender residencies across the globe to present a window into exceptional cocktails. The launch of Tanqueray No. TEN residencies kicked off with a hospitality experience sketched by Tanqueray No. TEN global brand partner Stanley Tucci and Director of Mixology Ago Perrone at The Connaught Bar in London. Serving as an invitation to be immersed in the craftsmanship of cocktail makers worldwide, Tanqueray No. TEN’s residencies are where lovers of cocktail culture can witness their artistry unfold to “Make it a TEN.”

The residencies feature top bartending talent, known as the Tastemakers of Tanqueray No. TEN, which include Ago Perrone from The Connaught Bar, Giulia Cuccurullo from The Artesian, Keila Urzaiz de Calignon and Yoann Tarditi from Satan's Whiskers, Matteo Di Ienno, leading cocktail and botanical expert from Italy, Oisin Kelly from The Sidecar at The Westbury Hotel, Andy Ferreria from Cask in Cork, Emily Doherty from The Merchant Hotel Cocktail Bar in Northern Ireland, award-winning independent bartender Tiffanie Barriere from the USA, and more.