Cointreau, a brand of Rémy Cointreau, is entering a new era as it unveils a redesign of its iconic amber bottle in nearly 140 years, which will hit Australian shelves in time for National Margarita Day on Feb. 22. An ode to the history of Maison Cointreau, the new design maintains the recognizable look of the bottle while combining elements of the past, present and future, it says.

The bottle features a minimal illustration of the historic Maison scattered with the spirit’s key ingredient of oranges and is embellished with Cointreau’s signature copper foiling. The Maison also is featured in an engraving on the side of the bottle, adding a unique textural element to the new design, it says. A slight update to the shape of the bottle has included the lengthening of the neck, making pouring the spirit easier for mixology professionals and home bartenders alike, it adds. The lid also has been updated with an embossed pattern to enhance both form and function, adding extra grip to make opening the cap a breeze.

The new bottle design allows home bartenders to easily create this favored tipple, with a QR code feature that connects drinks lovers to the original Margarita recipe, as well as many others, it notes. 

This unveiling of this new design occurs alongside the 75th anniversary of the original Margarita, the ever-popular combination of Cointreau, blanco tequila and lime. This celebration recognizes the longevity of the Margarita, which reigns supreme as the most ordered cocktail in Australian bars, the company says, citing CGA Strategy, 2022.