UPTIME Energy will unveil a new bottle design at the NACS Show 2022, a premier industry trade show for convenience and fuel retailing.

“At UPTIME we’ve always been proud of our unique, aluminum bottle and the refreshing, sparkling liquid inside,” said CEO Benjamin Kim in a statement. “Our latest packaging innovation allows for increased visibility and placement opportunities which supports our continued strong growth. Consumers love our delicious flavors and the productive energy we provide. Being able to increase availability and bring UPTIME to all their favorite retail chains will greatly expand our loyal fan base. We are very excited to see our new shorter aluminum bottle launch with the 2023 resets.”

With the previous bottle design, the bottle height presented limitations with some retailers. The new innovative bottle design is shorter with a wider base, while still being resealable and maintaining the same UPC code, the company says. The wider bottle base allows for more stable 12-pack cartons and better retail displays, while reducing shrinkage. Initial feedback from distributors and chain partners has been great on both the bottle height, new graphics, and the fruit images on the bottle, the company notes.

UPTIME Energy drinks now can be placed on any shelf in the cold vault including the strike zone.