DripDrop announced the launch of three new offerings for its Zero Sugar lineup: Zero Sugar Peach, Zero Sugar Watermelon, and a four-flavor Zero Sugar Variety Pack.

Formulated to accelerate the absorption of electrolytes and minerals by the body, DripDrop provides hydration that works faster and more effectively than water alone, the company notes. The Zero Sugar formula delivers precise levels of sodium electrolytes and low osmolarity (the amount of particles in a solution) for fast fluid absorption, plus vitamins and nutrients for optimized wellness, it says.

“DripDrop Zero Sugar has three times more sodium electrolytes than the leading sports drink, plus five essential vitamins for added immune support,” said John Shea, chief marketing officer for DripDrop, in a statement. “By adding to our successful DripDrop Zero Sugar lineup, those who want fast hydration, and are also concerned about sugar intake, have more delicious flavor offerings that will help them stay hydrated and on top of their game.”

With the addition of Peach and Watermelon flavors, the DripDrop Zero Sugar lineup now comes in four flavors, which also include Lemon Lime and Passion Fruit. All four flavors are featured in the new Zero Sugar Variety Pack. All are available to purchase online in a 32-count pack on Amazon and by visiting the company’s website.