In 1992, Pepsi partnered with Shaquille O'Neal and Reebok for the first time, a celebration of the big man who was taking Orlando and the league by storm. Fast forward 32 years and Shaq is as buzzy as ever ― recently showing love to Pepsi Minis with ‘90s icon Skee-Lo and having his Magic No. 32 raised to the rafters last week ― the Big Diesel continues to be at the center of sports culture. 

Now, Pepsi is collaborating with Shaq on the Pepsi ‘SNEAK’ER, custom built Reebok PUMP Shaq Attaqs courtesy of the Shoe Surgeon. These aren’t just another pair of custom kicks, though ― these size 22 Reeboks are tailor made for the larger-than-life Shaq, who loves Pepsi Minis so much he wanted a ‘SNEAK’ER be able to bring them with him to enjoy wherever he goes.

With the help of Shoe Surgeon, an original pair of Reebok PUMP Shaq Attaqs has been retro fitted to fit a full Pepsi Mini can into the sole, a feat only possible due to the mammoth size 22 shoe. The Pepsi ‘SNEAK’ER allows Shaq to tote around a Pepsi Mini can so that he can enjoy a Pepsi or Pepsi Zero Sugar whenever the urge arises. And while Shaq rocked his Pepsi ‘SNEAK’ER’s on air and in Indy during All Star Weekend, Pepsi and Shaq are showing love to the fans and pulled more vintage Reebok PUMP Shaq Attaqs from Shaq’s closet for Shoe Surgeon to customize for Pepsi Minis. An additional 22 shoes will be available for fans to cop this week via a one-time Pepsi sweepstakes. Some of Shoe Surgeon’s key features include:

•    Reebok’s iconic “PUMP” has been turned into the Pepsi Globe.

•    The custom colorway leverages the iconic Pepsi color palette of electric blue and black, including paint splatter detailing on the outsole, a black and blue Pepsi pattern on the insole, and custom electric blue laces, doubling as a callback to Shaq’s first NBA team, the Orlando Magic, colors.

•    On the underside, the main feature is a special electric blue leather chamber that is custom-built to hold a Pepsi Mini can.

“Pepsi has been a core part of my career since the moment I joined the NBA,” said O'Neal, President of Basketball at Reebok, in a statement. “My partnership with Pepsi means so much to me because we’re always out here having fun, innovating, bringing the noise. Now, I’m pumped that I never have to be without my Pepsi Mini Cans.”

Todd Kaplan, chief marketing officer at Pepsi, added: “The Pepsi ‘SNEAK’ER is the latest in a long line of groundbreaking innovations we have had at Pepsi with our incredible partner, Shaq. As a fellow sneakerhead and Pepsi lover myself, I can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making a new shoe built from the iconic Reebok PUMP series, and to have a Pepsi Mini always within a leg’s reach. 

“This project has been a great partnership between Pepsi, Reebok and the Shoe Surgeon that celebrates our past, present and future partnership with Shaq,” he continued. “While a Pepsi Mini Can is small enough to fit in anyone’s pocket, Shaq is one of the only people with a shoe big enough to comfortably fit one in his shoe, so we can’t wait for consumers to get their hands (and feet!) on this once-in-a-lifetime collab.”

Twenty-two consumers can bring home their very own PEPSI ‘SNEAK’ER in Shaq’s Size 22s (through Feb. 25), they can post a photo or video on social showcasing their own love for Pepsi Minis just like Shaq does with the hashtag #PepsiMinis #Sweepstakes.

The ‘SNEAK’ER follows Shaq and Pepsi collaborating on a Pepsi Mini advertising campaign late last year. Set to Skee-Lo’s famous ‘90s hip hop jam “I Wish,” Shaq wishes he was a little bit smaller when out and about in his everyday life, finding satisfaction in the sweet crisp taste of Pepsi Mini Cans, the perfect pairing for snack and mealtime occasions.

Pepsi Mini cans offer a 7.5-ounce format available in six- and 10-packs in the following flavors: Original, Zero Sugar, Wild Cherry, Diet, and Real Sugar. Original and Wild Cherry are also available in a 30-pack.