Glanbia Nutritionals, Chicago, introduced OptiATP, a new optimized form of Adenosine 5-Triphosphate that is stable in low pH/high acid and high heat ready-to-drink beverage processing environments.

Glanbia has incorporated partner TSI Group’s industry-leading ingredient PeakATP as its source of ATP and, through its patented encapsulation technology, has made ATP 46% more stable after 12 months and 59% more stable after six months in aseptic hot-fill processed ready-to-drink beverages, based on a Glanbia Nutritionals study

“We are excited to bring OptiATP to market because it provides the first reliable ATP for use in ready-to-drink beverages,” said Rachel Schreck, product marketing associate at Glanbia Nutritionals in a statement. OptiATP will initially be offered in North America. “Until now, formulating beverages containing ATP has been a challenge because standard sources of ATP degrade rapidly under typical high-heat beverage processing conditions and over the shelf-life of the finished beverage.”

OptiATP will initially be offered in North America.

In an emailed interview with Beverage Industry, Schreck discussed the impact of OptiATP on the North American beverage market. 

Beverage Industry (BI): Glanbia Nutritionals recently introduced OptiATP, a new optimized form of adenosine 5-triphosphate that is stable in low pH/high acid and high heat ready-to-drink beverage processing environments. What is the significance to the beverage market of accomplishing this formulation feat?

Rachel Schreck (RS): Traditional ATP is unstable in solution, creating a gap in energy and sports beverage markets. OptiATP is significant because it creates a solution to this gap in the market. OptiATP allows for a whole new ATP application beyond the typical powder, tablet and capsule supplements.

BI: What benefits can OptiATP deliver to new beverage formulations?

RS: Benefits of adding OptiATP to beverage formulations include improved muscle performance, improved cardiovascular support, improved cognitive response, and improved energy and endurance. OptiATP is also a non-stimulant ingredient, meaning it doesn’t have any jittery, hyper or shaky effects that some energy products have.

BI: Numerous human clinical studies were conducted to track the effectiveness of OptiATP. What were some highlights of those studies?

RS: OptiATP is powered by PeakATP®, which has been clinically proven to support athletic performance, skeletal muscle growth, and recovery. Here are some highlights:

Boosts Muscular Power Output1 Improves the muscle’s contractibility, force and endurance properties.

Increases Total Strength by 147% versus Training Alone2 results in an increase in weight lifted and the number of repetitions per set.

Increases Power by 30% versus Placebo2 Significant increases in vertical power jump.

Increases Lean Body Mass by 100% versus Placebo2 Significantly increases lean body mass and muscle thickness.

Reduces Muscular Fatigue3,4 Improves muscular endurance, increasing benefits as more repetitions are performed. Improves blood flow up to 54% as a result of increasing levels of ATP in red blood cells causing improved vasodilation and blood flow which aids the muscle recovery process

Reduces Mental Fatigue and Improves Cognitive Performance5 Helps to mitigate deficits in several cognitive tasks before and after high-intensity exercise. Improves reaction time by preventing the decline in proactive visuomotor reaction time following high-intensity exercise.

BI: At the time, Glanbia Nutritionals has highlighted OptiATP’s effectiveness in beverage applications. Does the company anticipate the solutions could expand it applications beyond this sector?

RS: Currently, work is being done to investigate OptiATP in gummy and gel applications.


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