Jordan’s Skinny Mixes, a leading brand for zero-calorie and zero-sugar syrups, announced the launch of its new Sours Collection. 

The new collection features Sour Green Apple (Dragon), Sour Watermelon (Love Potion), and Sour Blue Raspberry (Genie). These new and unique syrups add a sour, fruity, and fun twist to the brand’s best-selling Fantasy Collection, it says. 

“We are excited to expand into a new flavor portfolio and reach a younger demographic with this sour line that brings a tangy and fun twist to our beloved Fantasy lineup of syrups,” said Jordan Engelhardt, founder of Skinny Mixes, in a statement. “Creating new and innovative products is always exciting, and we look forward to seeing how our consumers react and utilize this new line. Since the viral WaterTok, this line was created in order to let your creative juices flow.”

The new Skinny Mixes Sour Collection is available to purchase at select retailers nationwide, as well as online at Amazon and by visiting the company’s website.