Upslope Brewing Co. released its latest addition: Tropical Fruit Sour Ale. The ale is the company’s 16th installment of Upslope’s Lee Hill Series of beers, which are released quarterly, the company says. Tropical Fruit Sour Ale is a combination of four individual sour brewing projects, ranging from six months to two-years-old, it adds. It is inspired by the classic Hawaiian juice blend, known as POG juice, and is blended with more than 500-pounds of passionfruit, blood orange and guava, the company says. Tropical Fruit Sour features a 7.2 percent alcohol-by-volume content and is available in 19.2-ounce cans, in select markets.


Upslope Brewing Co., Boulder, Colo.

Telephone: 303/449-2911


Distribution: Select markets