Jones Soda Co., Seattle, announced its expansion into the pet category with the launch of Jones Craft Dog Soda. 

Uniquely formulated for canines in collaboration with veterinarians and dog owners, new Jones Craft Dog Soda combines all-natural human-grade ingredients in flavors that dogs love — including functional supplements to provide dogs with a wholesome boost to help support and maintain optimal joint health, the company says.  

Just in time for the holidays, the initial flavor product range will be available first exclusively at Chewy and in November, with additional retailers to follow in 2024, according to the company.

As a treat, hydration-booster, or food-topper, the product launch will include Chicken and Beef flavors, and just in time for the holidays and in true Jones fashion, the company’s signature Turkey and Gravy, it says. The products are non-carbonated and contain no sodium or sweeteners of any kind, the company notes. And while the flavors are specially formulated for pups, adventurous dog owners are dared to drink it too, it adds.

“Looking at the millions of photos our fans have submitted to us over the years, it’s easy to see how much Jones fans love their pets. Knowing how much our pets mean to us, a lightbulb went off when we brought back Turkey and Gravy, our fan-favorite seasonal flavor,” said Eric Chastain, president and chief operating officer at Jones Soda Co. Beverage Division, in a statement. “And we couldn’t think of a better place to launch than Chewy, a trusted destination for pet parents and partners everywhere, who shares our sentiment that pets aren’t just pets, they're more.”

Just like Jones Soda (for people), Jones Craft Dog Soda features consumer-submitted (pet-themed) photos and future bottlings also will feature photos of adoptable dogs looking for their forever homes. 

As part of Jones’ popular Caps for Gear loyalty program, consumers also are encouraged to collect and save Jones Craft Dog Soda bottle caps for redemption of prizes, including Jones-branded dog toys, leashes, and dog bowls, it says. 

To purchase Jones Soda Craft Dog Soda, visit or