Charles Ross & Son Co. (ROSS) produced a line of Double Planetary Mixers. The mixers come in a variety of configurations and sizes, ranging from ½ pint to 750 gallons. They are dependable solutions for mixing thick, sticky or putty-like materials, according to the company. The Sanitary Double Planetary Mixer Model DPM-4S and Sanitary Discharge System Model DS-4S are both fully customized and engineered for efficient processing of medical-grade silicone formulations in portable workstations. Featuring two patented high viscosity “HV” stirrer blades, the heavy-duty 4-gallon Double Planetary Mixer rotates the blades on their own axes while orbiting the mix vessel on a common axis in a slicing motion, pushing product forward and downward. It’s ideal for ultra-high viscosity materials. The mixer is designed for vacuum operation and is equipped with an electromechanical lift to raise and lower the hood, as well as a 50-psig heating and cooling jacket on the mix can. An accompanying Discharge System maximizes product yield while also simplifying clean-up, the company says. It’s made up of a platen that is lowered hydraulically into a mix vessel, and as it pushes down on the batch, the product is forced out through a valve with minimal product left behind. ROSS says that the change-can design allows for semi-continuous operation, significantly increasing production. 

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