Charles Ross & Son Co. offers advanced discharge systems with mechanisms to seamlessly fit almost any high-viscosity application, it says. The model DS-10 system includes a scale system with 10 kg capacity and plus or minus 3 grams accuracy, and dispenses precise dosages with high repeatability and accuracy, the company says. It features a precisely machined platen fitted with an O-ring that rides against the vessel wall as the platen is hydraulically lowered and pushes down on the product. The discharge system automatically meters product into the container until the weight set point is reached and the scale is then programmed to auto-tare between runs. To keep operators safe, the discharge system’s safety features include a Plexiglass enclosure and proximity switches preventing operation of the platen if the mix vessel is not in place and/or the safety shield doors are not closed. The control box allows data acquisition covering an array of parameters including batch weights, date/time and speeds. The IP69K harsh environment-rated scale is protected against ingress of dust and high temperatures, the company says.

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