Aptar Food + Beverage announced the launch of its 2-inch Ultra Large Valve (XLV), the newest expansion to its inverted closure product line with SimpliSqueeze technology. Designed with a valve large enough to dispense very thick or high viscosity products, including those with particulates, the 2-inch Ultra XLV can be used with a rigid bottle or paired with an inverted flexible pouch to ensure a clean, controlled, convenient dispense with every squeeze, the company says. It notes that there’s a rising trend to dispense products such as guacamole, salsa, cream cheese and peanut butter with squeezable packaging versus traditional tub formats. The new closure makes it possible for these thicker, higher viscosity products to move into squeeze packaging and be stored in an inverted position. Inverted packs ensure these thicker products are always at-the-ready to dispense and aid in full product evacuation from the package. When combined with SimpliSqueeze, no utensils are required for the end consumer, while preventing drips, spills or leaks, the company adds.

Aptar Food + Beverage, 265 Exchange Drive, Suite 100, Crystal Lake, Ill. 60014; 815/477-0424; www.aptar.com.