A leader in dispensing solutions for more than 30 years, Aptar Food + Beverage unveiled its next generation sport cap: ROCKET. The new cap offers visible safety, comfortable drinking and sustainability benefits. The yellow-colored brand indicates whether the packaging has been opened on store shelves or at home. This solution redefines beverage packaging safety standards as the first one in the market providing a visual and intuitive non-detachable tamper evidence indicator, the company says. Additionally, ROCKET features a no-dust,” double wall lid design that protects the spout from external contaminants, and is designed to adhere to child safety standards. A large finger recess and audible closing click” sound makes opening and closing ROCKET easy. While most caps open at a 110-degree angle, ROCKETs hinge technology offers a 180-degree angle, eliminates spring-back effect and provides a wider opening for a more comfortable drinking experience. The tamper evident band also is tethered to the bottle using its Stay-With system, which keeps the closure attached to the bottle throughout its lifecycle, and increasing the likelihood of the closure being collected and sent through the recycling stream with the container.

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