While trying to solve a mystery of when Shawn Spencer originally met the notorious Yang in the episode “Yang 3 in 2D” of the TV show “Psych,” Henry Spencer calls up his ex-wife Maddie to ask about a shirt that Shawn wore in childhood. The former detective notes that his son stopped wearing shirts with brand names on them after his ninth birthday. When Maddie asks why, Henry responds that Shawn “didn’t want to promote products without being paid for them.”

Although Shawn Spencer might have been concerned about his place in out-of-home (OOH) advertising, the market is seeing opportunities for brands to step up their efforts with truck media.

Recently, AllOver Media, a multi-platform OOH media company, announced the acquisition of Boxi, a tech-infused truck media company, enabling AllOver Media’s truck advertising division to bolster existing offerings with industry leading technology, inventory and value for marketers, it says.

Since its 2017 launch Boxi has been servicing customers across industries, including wine and spirits and other beverages through its proprietary solution and 24/7 access dashboard, which allows clients to keep up to date with their campaigns’ progress, the company notes. 

“Having bootstrapped Boxi from a tiny Santa Monica apartment a mere six years ago, I’m proud to say our team now wraps over a thousand trucks a year with customer messages,” said Neal Pecchenino, CEO of Boxi, in a statement. “We build campaigns with a proprietary mix of technology and proactive problem solving that result in high impact, dashboard tracked, low CPM campaigns in all markets. We couldn’t be more excited to work with Jeff Griffing and the incredible team at AllOver Media. Our focus on quality and our vision for how to provide game-changing technologies to the industry are completely aligned. Our new partnership opens a world of possibilities, big things to come.”

AllOver Media meanwhile services a range of industries, including consumer packaged goods, beer and alcohol brands and more. Through AllOver Media, brands are able to display messages on digital and print media formats including convenience store ads, restaurant/bar ads, grocery store ads, ski resort ads, truck ads, pharmacy ads and more across all U.S. markets, the company notes.

“In the 12 months ending in March 2023, U.S. drivers have logged 3.27 trillion miles, higher than any other comparable 12-month period in history,” said Griffing, CEO of AllOver Media, in a statement. “It’s impossible to ignore the amount of people on roadways today, and we see this trend as an opportunity to aggregate those eyeballs into advertising impressions for our customers. You cannot ad block or change the channel on a 26-foot box truck with a beautiful brand message that is next to you on the road. We’re excited to combine the proven impact of large format truck messages with 24/7 customer measurement technology.”

Although beverage brands might not get the same traction with Shawn Spencer’s T-shirt rotation, the opportunities in OOH media are allowing beverage brands to deliver their messages across the United States.