Bizzy Cold Brew, maker of the 18-hour, slow-brewed cold brew available in ready-to-drink bottles, grounds and eco-friendly brew bags, unveiled new branding. The refreshed look comes with a new logo and bottle and was updated to better represent the product and brand’s ethos, including dedication to quality, transparency, sustainability and high caffeine content.

Designed by Los Angeles-based creative agency Day Job, Bizzy Cold Brew’s elevated rebrand now clearly communicates the quality of its product line, from its craft-brewed process, stronger taste, high caffeine content and zero sugar in all of its brews. To be more transparent with consumers about caffeine in each serving, Bizzy Cold Brew moved its caffeine content to the front of the bottle, directly on the pour spot. Bizzy Cold Brew also changed the shape of its bottle to improve pourability for its consumers, it says. 

“We wanted our new look to elevate our visual identity and clearly communicate our craft product. With nods to an era when quality was the rule and not the exception, Bizzy Cold Brew’s superior taste and higher caffeine content makes it the best value for coffee lovers,” said Alex French, CEO and Co-Founder of Bizzy Cold Brew, in a statement. “Bizzy Cold Brew is an affordable luxury and we’re excited that the branding now embodies our values and will stand out on shelves.”

Bizzy Cold Brew’s product lineup includes a variety of craft-brewed products, from unsweetened ready-to-drink, multi-serve bottles of cold brew to coarse grounds that can be brewed at home and convenient, eco-friendly brew bags. Bizzy Cold Brew is crafted using a unique brew process to ensure the smoothest taste and highest caffeine, with USDA Certified Organic Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America. 

Bizzy Cold Brew is also committed to sustainable practices in all areas of its operations. The brand’s cold brew bottles are made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (excluding the cap) and it composts spent coffee grounds (650,000 pounds last year alone). The brand recycles and repurposes 100% of its burlap coffee bean sacks and its roaster utilizes after-burner technology to eliminate airborne emissions from roasting, it says.