BIOLYTE, a hydration beverage company, announced the debut of its latest drink flavor: Punch.

Joining its existing four flavors — Citrus, Berry, Tropical and Melon — the new Punch blend packs a fruity, nostalgic combination of flavors with notes of cherry, pineapple, orange and a hint of lemon, the company says.

With one bottle offering 6.5 times the amount of electrolytes as leading sports drinks and only one-third of the sugar, BIOLYTE delivers the same hydration benefits as a full, medical-grade IV bag, it says. BIOLYTE helps the body recover, replenish and rehydrate, whether battling symptoms of sickness like nausea, fatigue and aches, needing a detox from a night of overindulgence, or refueling after a sweaty workout, it adds.

“Our new flavor, Punch, is perfect for first-time triers or people who need to recover but are more sweet than salty people,” said Jesslyn Rollins, CEO of BIOLYTE, in a statement. “BIOLYTE Punch packs all the same benefits of BIOLYTE — the electrolytes, sugars and vitamins your body needs to recover — and the taste reminds you of classic fruit punch. You’re not going to believe it when you taste it. We’re excited for our customers to try Punch and continue our infiltration of, and innovation in, the rapid recovery world.”

BIOLYTE Punch is available to purchase in select stores nationwide, and online at Amazon, as well as the company’s website.