BIOLYTE announced the launch of its first-ever powder packets. 

Offering the same amount of electrolytes as a full, medical IV bag, BIOLYTE’s portable powder packets come in five flavors —Berry, Citrus, Melon, Punch, and Tropical — ready to mix with 16-ounces of water when it’s needed, the company says.

“Our goal has always been to get BIOLYTE into the hands of those who need it. First, we brought the IV bag home at a fraction of the cost, and now, with our compact powder packs, medical strength hydration can travel with you wherever you go,” said Jesslyn Rollins, CEO of BIOLYTE in a statement. “No matter where you are — at home, in your car, at sea, or across the globe — you never have to be without medical strength hydration again.”

BIOLYTE powder’s key ingredients and functions include the following:

•    Optimal electrolyte balance: sodium, chloride, potassium and magnesium.

•    Energy boosters: vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, and l-carnitine for a natural boost of energy.

•    Liver Function: milk thistle and gluconolactone to help the liver get rid of toxins.

•    Natural sugars: to help facilitate rapid absorption without spiking blood sugar.

•    Nausea relief: ginger and dextrose to help soothe symptoms of an upset stomach.

Available to purchase online at the company’s website beginning May 2 and on Amazon soon after, BIOLYTE powder packs will retail from $24.99 for 16-packs, it says.