BeatBox Beverages, a brand of Austin, Texas-based Future Proof, launched its newest flavor: Peach Punch. Inspired by the classic road trip confection, Peach Rings, the newest Party Punch flavor will be the sixth in BeatBox's lineup of party-ready punches, including Blue Razzberry, Pink Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Fresh Watermelon and Tropical Punch.

The millennial-focused brand is looking to repeat the success of last summer's Tropical Punch release, it says. "We are extremely excited to be adding a sixth flavor to our already highly sought after Beatbox Beverages lineup. As we are in the middle of finalizing our annual business plan for 2021, Peach Punch will add yet another opportunity for both wholesalers and retailers to grow their revenue and margin, while also giving consumers another great choice in this dynamic category," said Vice President of Sales Tony Zangara in a statement.

Future Proof's Vice President of National Accounts, Jeff McNally is eager to see reactions as major chain customers are quickly adding new Peach Punch to their Spring sets and current display programs, with the hope of being first to market with the new offering. "BeatBox drives incrementality to the adult beverage category — it's not just another Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio in a Tetra Pak — to put it another way, we're not another "me too" item," McNally added.

Recently named the fastest-selling single-serve wine brand in the US convenience channel by Nielsen, BeatBox Beverages' business continues to boom in small format, with Circle K, Quik Trip, Casey's, Kum & Go, am/pm, Dollar General, & Family Dollar all expanding this year.  "The liquid is amazing, and it looks like BeatBox has another winner with this new Peach flavor," stated Mark Ostoits, vice president for the Southeast at Circle K.

Peach Punch Punch is rolling out on shelves now and will be available to purchase online early next month. The newest party punch will be released in a 500-ml single-serve resealable Tetra Pak, making it easy for consumers to take on the go.

Each Party Punch carton has 11.1 percent ABV, 130 calories, and 8 grams of sugar in each 5.6-ounce serving, with a suggested retail price of $3.99.