Kinderfarms, maker of Kinderlyte, expanded its product offering with the launch of Kinderlyte Advanced. Designed for people of all ages, liquid and powder formulations are available online and at various retailers across the country. The drink is designed with PreMax prebiotics to support digestion and Instant Absorption Technology (IAT) for quick absorption, and is easy for on-the-go hydration, the company says. Available in six-packs of 0.5-ounce sticks, for the functional drink mix features a suggested retail price (SRP) of $12.99, and comes in two flavors: Wild Berry and Lemon Lime. Kinderlyte Advanced’s liquid formulation is made with the same electrolyte absorption technology as the electrolyte powder. Available in Wild Berry, Raspberry Lemonade and Coconut Lime, the ready-to-drink beverage has a SRP of $7.99 for 1-liter bottle.

Kinderlyte Advanced Kinderfarms, El Segundo, Calif.
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