To prevent the ineffective and dangerous practice of chocking trailer tires, Rite-Hite Corp. offers an advanced wheel chock system: Global Wheel Chock (GWC). The system features ultrasonic sensors integrated with dock controls and a light communications safety system, the company says. Designed to work with its Dok-Lok style light communication system, the GWC is available with Rite-Vu auxiliary communication lights, approach detection system, camera engagement verification and smart dock alerts to enhance loading dock safety on a scalable budget. From the moment the trailer backs down the drive approach, the GWC, when paired with Approach-Vu, audibly and visually alerts outside personnel that a trailer is approaching. Once positioned, an ultrasonic sensor communicates safe tire engagement through the companys Dok-Lok communication system. If the sensor loses tire contact, audible and visual alarms alert dock personnel inside and outside the building that the chock needs to be re-engaged prior to safely continuing operations. The chock design also helps to reduce trailer creep” for trailers without a tractor attached. Designed with an extra-long footbed to allow continual downward pressure from the trailer tire, the shallow front angle allows weight to be distributed from the trailer onto the GWC, increasing the frictional resistance between the chock and the ground.

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