Material handling systems manufacturer Rite-Hite unveiled the new Rite-Hite Trailer Lift (RHTL). The RHTL raises a variety of vehicles to proper dock height, and protects cargo by leveling the trailer bed. This also makes forklift loading/unloading more efficient and ergonomic, the company says. The design provides full, unobstructed access to a wide variety of vehicle types and loads, which then provides a universal fit, regardless of vehicle bed height, it adds. The RHTL is ideal for those in industries where heavy, cubed loads are common as the lift features a reinforced platform and larger hydraulic cylinders for increased lift, the company notes. The cylinders give the RHTL 2 more inches of lifting height, compared with competitive models, it says. Additional technological enhancements — such as the reinforced deck and traction-enhancing diamond plate tread — make the lift safer, more reliable and more efficient than its predecessors, it adds. The RHTL can be integrated with the company’s SHR-5000 Dok-Lok restraint for additional safety. The shadow hook design, with its reach and wide working range, helps maintain safe engagement with almost any type of truck or trailer. The company says both the RHTL and Dok-Lok are compatible with the centralized Dok-Commander control system, which can be programmed to work only in a safe sequence of operation. 

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