Rite-Hite is helping beverage plants gain new insight and control by introducing a new platform: Opti-Vu. Opti-Vu is designed to elevate the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by providing powerful data analytics to help plant managers improve productivity, energy, safety and asset management, the company says. Designed to work with Rite-Hite products, Opti-Vu taps into the data-collection capabilities of Rite-Hite products via a secure wireless network to help focus on moments that make a difference. While some IIoT offerings provide data collected by various sensors, Opti-Vu helps distill the data into insights and actions, it says. The platform helps increase safety and productivity, serves up useful insights about jobs and facilities, and helps facilitate solutions that plants can immediately apply to advancing specific operational goals. Additionally, the platform applies analytics to correlate developing trends with historical data, helps predict potential problems, proactively identifies opportunities, and provides real-time alerts when something is wrong, so managers can take immediate action.

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