While working on his most recent creation, Kool-Aid Man left his house to find the mystery flavor for the new Kool-Aid Mystery Jammers but got lost along the way — now he needs America’s help.

“Kool-Aid Man is known for crashing through walls, but he usually remembers to tell someone where he’s going,” said Rachel Drof, marketing director of beverages for Kraft Heinz, in a statement. “We need our fans’ help to find Kool-Aid Man’s location and learn the new mystery flavor — we may not know where he is, but we’re sure his new mystery flavor will be delicious.”

Kool-Aid, a brand of Pittsburgh- and Chicago-based Kraft Heinz, is offering to send one fan who helps find Kool-Aid Man on a vacation to anywhere in the United States (along with hundreds of instant prizes for those who play along), it says.

Now through April 3, Kool-Aid fans can visit koolaidmystery.com to scan a pack and guess where Kool-Aid Man might be looking for his new mystery flavor. Fans will be automatically entered for a chance to win. Fans of Kool-Aid Man are encouraged to check back every day for more chances to win instant prizes but will only be entered once to win the grand prize.

Kool-Aid Mystery Jammers are available at retailers nationwide for $1.99 for a pack of 10 pouches. Consumers will find out the flavor of the new Kool-Aid Mystery Jammers when it’s revealed April 6 on koolaidmystery.com.