With just 90 calories and zero sugar, Loverboy is a naturally sweetened sparkling hard tea. Carbonated like a seltzer, but with the light refreshing taste of an iced tea, Loverboy marries organic brewed tea, botanicals and monk fruit with gluten-free alcohol to create a keto-friendly, 4.2 percent alcohol-by-volume progressive adult beverage. The ready-to-drink craft beverage comes in three varieties: White Tea Peach, Hibiscus Pom and Lemon Iced Tea. Founded by entrepreneur Kyle Cooke, who stars on Bravo TV’s “Summer House,” the brand was conceptualized in 2018 while filming “Summer House” Season 3. Cooke’s co-star and fiancé Amanda Batula is leading the brand’s creative direction while co-star Carl Radke joined to assist in the official launch. Loverboy currently is available throughout select bars, restaurants and direct-to-consumer retail locations throughout Massachusetts, New York and South Florida.



Loverboy, New York

Internet: drinkloverboy.com

Distribution: Select markets