It’s that time of year, when people are filled with love and good cheer. Why can’t we be that way the whole year round, instead of always wearing a frown?” This is the start of a Christmas poem I wrote when I was 13, and for some reason, I still remember every word.

Making memories during Christmas and Hanukkah is as traditional as eggnog and turkey and stuffing. Many of us still recall the excitement of seeing our first two-wheeler (mine was a purple Schwinn) under a brightly lit Christmas tree.

Beverage brands also get into the holiday “spirit” by releasing limited-edition packaging, TV ads and special multipacks to encourage consumers to give their products as gifts.

In fact, as winter arrives and the holiday spirit is in the air, consumers typically are more generous, according to Drizly, an alcohol eCommerce marketplace. December represents the biggest month for alcohol gifting, representing a 185 percent increase compared with the rest of the year, it states. Although gifts make up 4 percent of Drizly’s orders, in December, this figure spikes to 9 percent.

When it comes to price, the average price of a gifted item is 84 percent higher than a non-gifted item. Wine is No. 1 as far as purchases go, but liquor also experiences a significant premium, with the average liquor gift bottle costing more than $50, Drizly states.

Several brands also run themed TV and print ads during the season to capture nostalgic feelings. Who can forget the Budweiser Clydesdales majestically running through snowy terrain? This year, Grey Goose vodka is running spots highlighting its Give Victoriously campaign to remind consumers that the best presents help transform moments shared with loved ones into lifelong memories.

Wishing you a safe and memorable holiday season, and remember to “enjoy responsibly.