In Jimmy Buffet’s song “Margaritaville,” the American musician paints listeners a picture of relaxing somewhere on a beach with the sun shining, his guitar strumming and a Margarita in his hand. As the warm summer months finally are here, industry data shows that Jimmy Buffet isn’t the only one who is “Wastin’ away again in Margaritaville”.

For example, Nielsen CGA found that Margaritas are the No. 1 selling cocktail in the United States within the on-premise channel, the research firm states in its February Insights titled “All Mixed Up: A Look at Cocktail Preferences Across the On-Premise Landscape.”

Nielsen CGA also found that Margaritas are the best-selling cocktails in major U.S. markets including Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Tampa. The data mainly can be attributed to happy hours as it remains a big draw for the after-work crowd, the Insights states. Margaritas in the U.S. cost an average of $9.49, almost 50 cents more than the average cocktail ($9), yet 56 percent of consumers of legal drinking age say a Margarita is their go-to drink of choice at on-premise establishments, it adds.

As consumers continue to attend happy hours, their thirst of Margaritas also will continue. Kerry Foodservice recently released a report on new and trending Margaritas titled “Trending Margaritas: 6 Buzzworthy Margaritas to Wow Your Happy Hour Customers.” The report focuses on how food and beverage menus are becoming more diverse and how bars need stand out with unique cocktail recipes.

“The social side of alcohol and happy hour has helped increase the purchase frequency and alcohol exploration among customers,” the report says. “Margaritas are evolving — customers aren’t ordering only the typical house Margaritas anymore.”

The report concludes with six trending Margarita recipes: Peach Sriracha Margarita, Smoke & Fire Margarita, Poblano Lime Margarita, Elderflower Margarita, French Margarita and Two’s Not Enough Sangrita.