Bogart Spirits, a brand of ROK Drinks and Humphrey Bogart Estate, released new art deco-inspired labels for its range of gin, whiskey, vodka and rum products. Fusing Old Hollywood with contemporary design, the art deco-inspired labels are a subtle, nuanced ode to iconic film legend Humphrey Bogart, the company says. The new front label and neck wrap feature an embossed metallic, geometric design reminiscent of a classic Hollywood stage set against a rich, dark color palette. The back label contains a short biography with essential facts from the multi-faceted life of the Rat Pack founder. “My father was so much more than a film star — he was a U.S. Navy veteran, a master chess player, a scratch golfer, a race-winning sailor, and of course, a man who knew how to appreciate a well-made cocktail,” said Stephen Bogart, son of Bogie and Bacall, in a statement. “The new Bogart’s labels are a wonderful tribute to my father. They capture the fullness and complexity of both his life and our award-winning spirits.”