With an overall goal to improve and refresh its St. Elder Natural Elderflower Liqueur brand, M.S. Walker is updating its packaging with a dynamic and distinctive new appearance, it says. To help create the new forward-looking design, the company turned to Saxco International LLC. Saxco sourced and supplied a private mould 750-ml flint bottle with a medium neck, slopping shoulders and an embossed St. Elder just below the shoulders from a supply partner. The partner also supplied custom three-color shipping cartons depicting glossy die cut elderflowers to accommodate and enhance retail displays. The black bar top assembly closure was sourced through another Saxco supply partner in Germany. The front and back three-color labels and neck band came from a supply source in New York. “Our role was to help M.S. Walker create a highly attractive new package with an overall pleasing eye appeal and standout shelf appearance for its popular natural elderflower liqueur,” said Chris Tubertini, director of craft spirits for the Eastern United States and Canada for Saxco International, in a statement.