Hamilton, Bermuda-based Bacardi Limited acquired St-Germain, the super-premium elderflower liqueur brand previously owned by Cooper Spirits International, New York. Robert Cooper, the creator of St-Germain and president of The Cooper Spirits Co., will continue to support the liqueur label, working hand-in-hand with Bacardi and bartenders around the world to continue to build the brand, the company says.

“St-Germain is one of the most exciting brands in the industry today,” said Facundo L. Bacardi, chairman of Bacardi Limited, in a statement. “Since its launch only six years ago as a modern liqueur with a delicious and distinctive taste, St-Germain has stayed true to its French craftsmanship, engaged the bartending community in a way that few spirits brands have, and won some of the industry’s most prestigious awards.”

This acquisition enhances the Bacardi portfolio with the fresh, tropical flavor of St-Germain, which has become a popular ingredient with bartenders and mixologists, the company says citing a December 2009 New York Times article. Bacardi says it plans to continue the bartender development and recognition programs, including L’Equipe St-Germain, its bar trade support program, developed by Cooper to help the brand continue to flourish globally.

“Bartenders and mixologists are true artists and have been incredibly supportive and gracious to spend time with me to learn about my vision behind St-Germain,” Cooper said in a statement. “Bacardi understands the critical importance and stature of mixologists in the spirits industry and will further develop the initiatives we have started. With the resources of Bacardi, this is really exciting.”

St-Germain is a hand-crafted artisanal French liqueur made from 100 percent fresh, hand-selected elderflowers that blossom in Europe once a year, during a four-to-six week period in late spring. When picked, they are swiftly delivered to small collection stations where harvesters are paid by the kilo for their flowers, often using specially rigged bicycles to carry them. This allows each harvester to work independently. The blossoms are quickly macerated to capture freshness and enhance the fruit-driven character of the elderflowers. St. Germain is an all-natural liqueur that is available in all 50 states with a growing presence in international markets.

As both entities are privately-owned, terms of the transaction are not available.